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features stater professional enterprise print only
Label Editor
Label Print
License Manager
Free Technical Support
Free updates of all minor versions
Full support DMV (Data, Model, View) model
Design Features
True WYSIWYG Label Design
Drag and Drop Creation of all Objects
Import Graphics in BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, PNG, etc.
Automatic Positioning and Alignment
Unlimited Undo / Redo
Full Color Support
Add Rich Text
Add Text Art
Add Shapes
Add 1D Barcodes
Add 2D Barcodes
Add OLE objects
Text Wizard
Common Industry Label Stocks
Add, Edit, Delete Label in Label Stocks
Switch Layouts for designs already created
Over 30 1D barcodes
Support 2D barcodes
Extensive Library of Industry-Standard Barcode Formats
Variable and Unlimited Width and Height
Minimum Width Limited Only by Printer Resolution
Automatic Check Digit Capability
Sequentially Numbered Barcode
Data Automation
Counter Sequence (Dec, Hex, Alpha, AlphaNum)
Counter Sequence (Custom Base)
Value Sequence
Auto Fill Data
Database Capabilities
Text Files
Read Excel Files
Read dBase,FoxPro Files
ODBC/OLE DB Connectivity
Visual Query Builder
Parameter Query
Excel-style Data Editor
Add, Edit, Delete Records
Search and Replace
Sort, Filter Records
Data Form
Arrange Database Field Order
Printing Capabilities
Thousands of Printers Supported
Local and Network Printer Support
Thermal Printer Support
Advanced On-Screen Print Preview
Conditional Print for Objects
Advanced Cutter Control
Set Starting Position on Pages of Partially Used Labels
Quantity Control
Select Print Range
Variables and Functions
System Variable
Expression Variable
Form Variable
Counter Variable
Date Variable
Time Variable
About 30 functions
Single License
Multi-User License
Software Key
Hardware Key (Dog)
Working with Other Software
Push Data. (by command-line interface)
Pull Data. (by parameter query)
Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or ActiveX

Label Suppliers

You can easily get blank labels from local suppliers, Here we list some label suppliers. If you know a company that has good service and a product that relates to labels, please let us know.