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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

WYSIWYG” label editor

With our “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) label editor, you can create professional labels with minimum practice.
Now, even beginners can design professional quality labels in minutes. Create barcodes, text, and graphics with a simple click
of your mouse. Need to make a change? No problem — you can move and resize objects almost instantly, right on the screen.

Choose template from label stock

Label Spirit includes a label stock of more than 200 predefined label templates to get you started. Simply choose a
label format that suits your requirements. You can search for a matching template, define and manage your own templates.

Get a jump-start using the included samples

To get you started quickly, Label Spirit not only lets you select a label template, it also offers many samples that you
can use or modify for your specific application.

Microsoft’s official user-interface

Strict adherence to Microsoft’s official user-interface guidelines, means if you’ve used just one other Windows program
you’re ready to start work with Label Spirit.


Powerful Design Tools

Exceptional Design Flexibility

Label Spirit gives you total control over your label’s appearance, including the type and size of text,
bar codes and graphics. Place objects exactly where you want them. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Import and Export Graphics

It’s easy to add company logos and pictures of products. Label Spirit supports most major graphic formats. You can also export bar codes for use in other software packages.



Conditionally print text, shape, barcode, etc.

Any object in Label Spirit can be set to print only if certain conditions are met.


Support 1D and 2D barcodes

Insert any of more than 30 industry standard barcodes on your label. Encode more data in less space using 2D barcodes: PDF417, MAXICODE, QRCode and Data Matrix. Apply various customizable formatting and quality control options, such as color, readable text font and placement, rotation, etc.

Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 93, Code 93 Full ASCII, Code 2OF5 Standard, Code 2OF5 Interleaved, Code 2OF5 IATA, Code 2OF5 Matrix, Code 2OF5 DataLogic, Code 2OF5 Industry, EAN8, EAN8P2, EAN8P5, EAN13, EAN13P2, EAN13P5, EAN128, Code128, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, UCC128, UPCA, UPCAP2, UPCAP5, UPCE, UPCEP2, UPCEP5, CodaBar, MSI, ISBN, PDF417, MAXICODE, QRCode and Data Matrix


Variables and Functions

Advanced, Customizable Serialization

Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced, totally custom serialization sequences. Increment or decrement by any interval and specify any rollover threshold and restart value. Choose from numeric, alpha, or a variety of predefined alphanumeric character sets. Even specify your own totally custom sequences.

Six Types of Variables

You can use six types of variables in Label Spirit:

  1. System Variable.

    Date, Time, Now, Page#, TotalPages, Label#, TotalLabels, Record#, TotalRecords, Label#OfCurrentRecord, TotalLabelsOfCurrentRecord, Row#, Column#, etc.

  2. Expression Variable.

    You can define your own variables in Label Spirit: called expression variables,
    it’s very useful in advanced label designing.

  3. Form Variable.

    For form variable (keyboard input variable), you can enter the value at print-time. these variables can specify a data type: Normal, Integer, Float, Date, Time, etc. for example, if you define a variable named “Hire Date”, data type is Date, when you print label, Label Spirit will popup a window ask you the value of variable “Hire Date”, you can enter a Date, or select a date from drop-down window.

  4. Counter Variable
  5. Date Variable.
  6. Time Variable.


Power Functions

If you are familiar with excel, you should know the power of functions. In Label Spirit we supply about thirty functions. You can combine data from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions using formula.


Database Features

Support for any database

You can import data from any database through ADO or ODBC, access data from windows and non-windows platforms.

Excel-style Data Editor

Label Spirit includes a built-in data editor, you can enter data directly or import data from other database.
You can process data as you needed by this editor like excel.

Advanced Query Builder

You can visual build SQL statements, and furthermore, you can make up large and complicated SQL queries with unions
and sub queries for different servers without any knowledge of the SQL syntax.

Parameter Query

A parameter query prompts you to provide data or information before the query is run. For example, you could query your
database to show you the sales you have generated in the month of your choice. Each time you run the query,
you will be prompted to identify the month that interests you.

Apply data filters

Manually select a set of records to be printed or apply data filters using a very simple interface to print only what is needed.



Print to any printer

With Label Spirit, you can use your existing Microsoft Windows compatible laser, inkjet, thermal, PVC card, or label printer, without the need to install special drivers.

Quantity Control

You can expand quantity by three ways: No change, Expand to full row, Expand to full page.

Print Preview

This feature allows you to see exactly how your labels are going to look before you print them. That means you can design more quickly without wasting labels.


Other Features


Label Spirit is a polished, complete, and stable program.

Support DMV Model

Label Spirit full support DMV(Data,Model,View) model

Get a jump-start using the included samples

To get you started quickly, Label Spirit not only lets you select a label template, it also offers many samples that you
can use or modify for your specific application.

Working with Other Software

Depending on your goals and the capabilities of your other programs, there are 2 basic ways:

  1. Push Data. (by command-line interface).
  2. Pull Data. (by parameter query). For this method, you need not modify your software at all.


Label Suppliers

You can easily get blank labels from local suppliers, Here we list some label suppliers. If you know a company that has good service and a product that relates to labels, please let us know.