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Database Features

Database Features

Support for any database

You can import data from any database through ADO or ODBC, access data from windows and non-windows platforms.

Excel-style Data Editor

Label Spirit includes a built-in data editor, you can enter data directly or import data from other database.
You can process data as you needed by this editor like excel.

Advanced Query Builder

You can visual build SQL statements, and furthermore, you can make up large and complicated SQL queries with unions
and sub queries for different servers without any knowledge of the SQL syntax.

Parameter Query

A parameter query prompts you to provide data or information before the query is run. For example, you could query your
database to show you the sales you have generated in the month of your choice. Each time you run the query,
you will be prompted to identify the month that interests you.

Apply data filters

Manually select a set of records to be printed or apply data filters using a very simple interface to print only what is needed.


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