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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

WYSIWYG” label editor

With our “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) label editor, you can create professional labels with minimum practice.
Now, even beginners can design professional quality labels in minutes. Create barcodes, text, and graphics with a simple click
of your mouse. Need to make a change? No problem — you can move and resize objects almost instantly, right on the screen.

Choose template from label stock

Label Spirit includes a label stock of more than 200 predefined label templates to get you started. Simply choose a
label format that suits your requirements. You can search for a matching template, define and manage your own templates.

Get a jump-start using the included samples

To get you started quickly, Label Spirit not only lets you select a label template, it also offers many samples that you
can use or modify for your specific application.

Microsoft’s official user-interface

Strict adherence to Microsoft’s official user-interface guidelines, means if you’ve used just one other Windows program
you’re ready to start work with Label Spirit.


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