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How can I place a purchase order?

How can I place a purchase order?

If you are buying for a Govt. organization, School/College or any big organization and would prefer ordering with a Purchase Order, Please read and follow the procedure very carefully:

RegSoft is Orchid Software’s preferred purchasing agent. We accept purchase orders through them. RegSoft’s Purchase Order (P. O.) process differs slightly from a standard Purchase Order.

  1. Go to our purchase page.
  2. Click on the logo corresponding to the product you wish to purchase
  3. In the RegSoft online purchase order form, Select the Purchase Order Option
  4. Fill out this online purchase order form. RegSoft will accept your purchase, and provide you with a link to a formal invoice, along with payment instructions. This will be provided on-screen, as well as by email.
  5. Please print the invoice, and submit it to your company’s Accounts Payable for payment. They can pay by CHECK, by money order, or by bank transfer.
  6. When RegSoft receives payment, they will send the registration details by email. Please be sure to include the email address of either your Accounts Payable department or the email address of the end user to ensure delivery.

We are unable to deliver the registration code based solely on the Purchase Order. This is due to the nature of our business, and the fact that, in most cases, nothing physical is delivered. Thank you for your understanding. Fax Order Line – available 24/7:

US Toll-Free Fax Number :

International Fax Number :
(0870)132-2485)(UK Customers) Address for sending checks:
RegSoft Check Processing,
RegSoft, Inc., 88236 Expedite Way,
Chicago, IL 60695-0001 USA

Please contact us for any questions.

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